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This complaint is against Odalys Waugh, PhD. She says she is a Marriage and Family Therapist but actually, she is not board certified in Marriage and Family Therapy (see her curriculum vitae at media.wix.com/ugd/a3cdc5_50fff19696dd45be71796be0cd0aaf91.docx?). She is actually board certified in "Sexology". I wish I had known that before we had our appointment with her. Myself (I am 41) and my 16 month old daughter saw Odalys Waugh, based on the guidance of our health insurance company, Aetna Health Plans. I was desperate to find a child psychologist who would treated a 16 month old, and Aetna called Odalys Waugh before I did - and Odalys Waugh told Aetna she did treat 16 month olds. And so Aetna sent me to see Odalys Waugh for my 16 month old. Seeing Odalys Waugh was the worst mistake I ever made!! She is not qualified to handle any children, let alone a 16 month old. When we saw her - she gave us behavior modification exercises for constant screaming that would be appropriate for a 4 or 5 year old - not a 16 month old. She also tried to convince me that my husband and I needed to come in and see her for marriage counseling - when this topic was not brought up when discussing my daughter's constant screaming (my daughter has now been diagnosed by a qualified child psychologist who deals with children under the age of 2, as having reactive attachment disorder). When I called Odalys Waugh three days after our appointment with her - I left a voicemail for Odalys Waugh saying my daughter was continuing to have meltdowns, despite the behavior modification exercises she had given to me, and please, please, please could we have an appointment because I was desperately afraid of hurting and abusing my child - I was on the *** of snapping. I had been dealing with this non-stop screaming for over a year. Odalys Waugh never called me back. She TEXTED me back(and I have copied the text message from Odalys Waugh with all the spelling errors Odalys Waugh put in the text message to me) saying: "Dear [redacted], I reviewed the techniques and please remember I don’t work with children. I am giving you the information that I have of Dr. Michelle Major from the Caribbean center for child development. I heard she is excellent. All I have is the website www.caribbeancenter.org. Pleaded complete the contact form in het website. Hope to find the right help. I am. At your disposition to help you or other adult – that’s my expertise. Dr. Waugh”. Where to even begin? So adults are her expertise. Why did she tell me prior to making an appointment with me, that she could treat children under the definition of “Family Therapy”? I specifically told Dr. Waugh how old my 16 month old was before I even made the appointment. Why even bother seeing us if you don’t work with children? And let’s just say, for giggles, I had never told Dr. Waugh my daughter's age when I made the appointment. When my daughter and I walked through her office door on April 16, 2013, she should have taken one look at us and said “Oh, I’m sorry – I don’t deal with children.” That should have been her response if I hadn’t told her my daughter's age before I made the appointment – but I did tell her my daughter's age before I made the appointment. Let’s say, Aetna Behavioral Health told Dr. Waugh the appointment was for an adult – me. When I called up and made the appointment for Dr. Waugh and said “I need some behavior modification techniques for a 16 month old who has separation anxiety issues and possible attachment disorder, and I need to learn some coping mechanism strategies for me” – I’m point blank, saying right there, that the appointment is not for me, per se. So what’s this text message about, saying that her area of expertise is adults? And what is this about referring me to someone in the CARIBBEAN who deals with behavior modification strategies for infants and toddlers? Odalys Waugh couldn’t find someone in Miami, FL who deals with behavior modification strategies for infants and toddlers??? She had to refer me to someone in the Caribbean???

I have several issues here with Dr. Waugh. Let’s go through these issues. 1.) I think Odalys Waugh wanted the insurance money from Aetna, and that’s why she agreed to see us; 2.) maybe she thought she could get some other kind of business from my husband and I – like marriage counseling therapy – if she took on “the screaming child case”; 3.) Dr. Waugh should have known the behavior modification techniques she gave to us were inappropriate for my daughter's age; 4.) My daughter and I were established patients of Dr. Waugh. We saw her for a full session on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. If Odalys Waugh could not adequately treat us, it was her ethical, moral and professional responsibility to assist us in finding another therapist – LOCALLY - who could deal with our issues. 5.) The voicemail I left for Dr. Waugh clearly indicated that I was in distress and on the *** of hurting and abusing my child. Let’s just say for giggles, I had hurt my child. What would Dr. Waugh’s moral, legal and ethical responsibility have been then, knowing I had reached out to her for help and she didn’t even have the decency to return my phone call to check on the welfare of my daughter or myself?

RUN AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! I have been tirelessly trying to file ethics charges against Odalys Waugh with the Florida Department of Public Health's Consumer Services Unit. I am still working with the Florida Department of Public Health's Consumer Services Unit to try and get some kind of sanctions against Odalys Waugh. I don't know what to tell you except RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • Bad Psychologist
  • Unethical mental health therapist
  • Stay away from 2000 Therapy Center
  • Bad Marriage and Family Therapist


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I agree with the original post. I made the mistake of seeing Dr. Waugh because Cigna Health Plans said she could treat children because she was a Family Therapist. She's not a Family Therapist and she had no clue how to handle a 5 year old boy - and it showed. We never went back for another appointment.

So Terry from August 12th - you need lessons in spelling! Where'd you graduate high school from? Oh - let me guess: you probably didn't graduate high school. The word is "vendetta" - not "bendetta". And someone expressing an opinion about a clinician who is inept has "a vendetta with the world?" Whatever. Grow up! Just because you had a good experience with Dr. Waugh doesn't mean everyone else should!


I believe there is a confusion. Dr Waugh has been treating me for 6 years.

I owe her my understanding of life, I am very greatful for all her support. She is a licensed psychotherapist and has also certification as a sexologist.

Miami, Florida, United States #698258
This client appear to have a bendetta with the world. I know Dr.

Waugh, she doesn't work with babies. My experience has been excellent :)

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